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Yes, we are a fun group.
The maddest place to be

(I do not remember where I got the above picture from, if you see it and you remember that it is yours, complain here.)

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I am very proud that this site has recieved the "Spock's Mind Award of Excellence" in Bronce and the Special "Vulcan Rose" Award. My thanks goes out to Admiral TīPara aka Katja (www.spocksmind.de) who has decided to reward this site. Also I thank everyone who has provided me with help, ideas and stories! Keep up the good work. :-)

The Vulcan Rose

Spock's Mind Award of Excellence - Bronce

Oh, by the way, Star Trek and all else belongs to Paramount, Leonard Nimoy to himself (and his wife, darn it!), and we do what we want!
"This website and story idea is officially sanctioned by ListMom Helen"

Prepare for Lift-off,

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